We Need Your Help
Posted By: Mike Roden - 2/4/2020 11:17:00 AM

We love what we do here at the Texas Panhandle Sports Network!

Broadcasting for our local teams is incredibly fun and exciting. We have so many good teams with great coaches and fans in the Amarillo and Canyon School Districts. It is a privilege to be able to bring the enjoyment of the games to our many listeners.

In case you don't know, we depend entirely on advertising revenue to broadcast high school sports for six schools - Amarillo High, Caprock, Palo Duro, Tascosa, Randall and Canyon High. There is no charge to listen to our coverage and we want to keep it that way.

However, especially in the basketball playoffs, the cost of broadcasting the games soars. With both girls and boys teams playing playoff games in places like Andrews, Odessa, Snyder, Lubbock, Childress, Vernon, Abilene, and eventually to San Antonio, the cost shoots through the roof. We pay for a broadcaster to do the game, pay for mileage and gas, meals and with the regional and state tournaments, a hotel stay as well. 

Roughly, the entire cost to cover all our teams, all the way through the playoffs, will probably be somewhere between $4000 and $5000. 

As it stands now, we do not have the money to do that.  We have some great businesses that do sponsor our coverage, but we simply do not have as many as we need to cover our costs.

Our greatest need is for annual sponsors - businesses that will commit to sponsor all our sports broadcasts in football, basketball, baseball and some softball, for all our teams during the school year.  That way we don't have to sell each sport individually. It is a great way to market your business to an audience from every part of Amarillo and Canyon.

However, not all businesses can make that kind of financial commitment.  That's why we also have advertising packages for each individual sport, which can be for all the teams we cover or just one or two teams. 

If you own a business in Amarillo or Canyon or if you know of a business that might be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us. You can use the "contact" button at the top of this page or you can email us at txpsn@hotmail.com.  We will be happy to work out an advertising package that will fit your budget.  

Remember, the teams we cover are our "hometown" teams - local players from local families and schools. We think they deserve the coverage for all the work and effort they put into representing their school and communities. 

We have several teams that are expected to make deep runs in the playoffs and we want to bring the fans of these teams all the action from wherever they are playing.  Please, help us do that.