TPSN Streaming Schedule

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Spring sports are here and TPSN has plenty of softball, baseball and track livestreams coming up.

Here is the tentative streaming schedule for and the TPSN app.

Tues. 3/214 p.m.Softball-Caprock at Amarillo Highaudio only
Tues. 3/215 p.m.Baseball-Canyon at Randallvideo/audio
Fri. 3/244:30 p.m.Softball-Pampa at Canyonaudio only
Fri. 3/245 p.m.Baseball-Tascosa at Amarillo Highaudio only
Sat. 3/251:30 p.m.Track - Amarillo Relays Running Finalsvideo/audio
Sat. 3/256:30 p.m.Baseball - Caprock vs Palo Durovideo/audio
Tues. 3/284:30 p.m.Softball-Palo Duro at Tascosavideo/audio
Tues. 3/285 p.m.Baseball-Amarillo High at Caprockaudio only
Wed. 4/55 p.m.Baseball-Palo Duro at Amarillo Highvideo/audio
Thurs. 4/64 p.m.Softball-Amarillo High at Caprockvideo/audio
Fri. 4/71 p.m.Baseball-West Plains at Canyonvideo/audio
Tues. 4/115 p.m.Baseball-Tascosa at Palo Duroaudio only
Tues. 4/115 p.m.Baseballl-West Plains at Randallvideo/audio
Thurs. 4/135 p.m.Track - District 3-5A Meetvideo/audio
Fri. 4/144:30 p.m.Softball-Randall at Canyonvideo only
Fri. 4/145 p.m.Baseball-Randall at Canyonvideo/audio
Mon. 4/174 p.m.Track - AISD Middle School Track Meetvideo/audio
Tues. 4/184:30 p.m.Softball-Canyon at Pampavideo/audio
Fri. 4/215 p.m.Baseball-Canyon vs Herefordvideo/audio
Fri. 4/217 p.m.Baseball-Tascosa vs Amarillo High @ Hodgetownvideo/audio
Thurs. 4/275 p.m.Softball Playoffs - Randall vs Greenwood (Game 1)audio only
Thurs. 4/277 p.m.Softball Playoffs-Canyon vs Pecos (Game 1)audio only
Fri. 4/2812 p.m.Softball Playoffs-Canyon vs Pecos (Game 2)audio only
Fri. 4/284 p.m.Softball Playoffs-Randall vs Greenwood (Game 2)audio only
Fri. 4/284 p.m.Softball Playoffs-Amarillo High vs L.Cooper (Game 1)audio only
Fri. 4/286:30 p.m.Softball Playoffs-Caprock vs Abilene High (Game 1)audio only
Sat. 4/2912 p.m.Softball Playoffs-Amarillo High vs L.Cooper (Game 2)audio only
Sat. 4/291 p.m.Softball Playoffs-Caprock vs Abilene High (Game 2)audio only
Mike Roden

Mike Roden

Mike Roden was born and raised right here in the Texas Panhandle in Memphis.