G.O.A.T. of the Week: Evan Hughes

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Evan Hughes isn’t just one of the best basketball players around. He’s one of the most intelligent players you’ll find in the Texas panhandle.

That intelligence has set Hughes up with a huge opportunity to further his education.

“He’s an incredible leader. He’s an incredible young man.” Coach Schulte said when talking about Hughes. “He’s got a full ride scholarship to go to Arizona for engineering. Received the Arizona University Distinction Award. Just real witty, real bright kid and just an overall pleasure to be able to coach him.”

For all the kind words Coach Schulte had to say about his senior leader, Hughes had just as much praise for his head coach.

“His basketball lessons kind of carry over into life.” Hughes said. “He always says were here to raise good husbands, good citizens, good sons, not just good basketball players. I think he’s done a great job at that.”

Between school and basketball, Hughes says there’s not a lot of sitting on the couch and doing nothing. His work ethic and leadership are as high level as it gets.

“One of the things Evan has done to just kind of separate himself from the other guys is every single gameday, Evan’s up here at six o’clock in the morning.” Coach Hughes said, as those are the only days in which the gym is not occupied before school starts. “There are times during practice where were messing with something new and I just put Evan in a position and said, ‘Evan, just talk everybody through what you’re thinking when you get in this exact situation’ and it’s awesome having kids like that [who] are that next level smart and see the game a little differently maybe.”

“Communication is probably the key factor.” Hughes said in how he treats his responsibility as a leader. “We’re all kind of a family so we all help each other through everything. Any decision we make we always have the team behind us on it.”

That high level of commitment has set Hughes up to accomplish his goals with a free ride to one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

KJ Doyle

KJ Doyle

KJ Doyle is the Sports Director at NewsChannel 10.