ASID, CISD, other panhandle schools cancel and postpone games amid inclement weather

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Various schools across the Texas panhandle, including Canyon and Amarillo schools, have canceled and/or postponed sporting events that were set to take place on Tuesday due to inclement weather.

This change will not impact the basketball games set to take place on Friday night. Canyon ISD and Amarillo ISD have said the Tuesday night basketball matchups will be moved to Wednesday.

The soccer matchups for Amarillo teams have been canceled and the wrestling meet will take place on Wednesday or Thursday. The only soccer game in AISD that was not canceled is Lubbock High vs Tascosa which will be played at Tascosa on Thursday instead of at Dick Bivins Stadium.

“The upper administration, they go our early in the mornings, they drive the roads, then we have to look at what’s the chance of us playing later in the day in the evening.” Amarillo ISD athletic director Brad Thiessen said of the procedure on Tuesday. “We had to cancel some soccer games that were going to be in tonight, but they’re not district games so we won’t pick those up. We’ve got a wrestling meet that we’ll push off another day or two. We could actually probably play tonight’s Amarillo High-Caprock game, but because it’s all tied into the district, just to keep everybody on the same day and not give anybody an advantage, per se, we just pushed everything to tomorrow.”

You’ll still be able to watch the Amarillo High-Caprock matchups and listen to the Canyon-West Plains matchups on TPSN this Wednesday.

KJ Doyle

KJ Doyle

KJ Doyle is the Sports Director at NewsChannel 10.