Raiders center Bryce Melton’s leadership helps young offensive line shine

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Randall Raiders have had plenty of ups and downs this year, but one steady presence has been senior center Bryce Melton.

“Melton our center is really to be commended for the entire growth of our offensive line.” Raiders offensive coordinator Grady Benton said. “He stepped into a leadership role. He’s taken those younger guys under his wing. He’s developed a relationship with those guys which now allows him to be demanding. That’s the guy that’s really taken that on.”

Melton is the only senior on the offensive line. The rest of the group is made up almost entirely of underclassman and first year varsity players. The group has had to grow up quickly and Melton has been a huge factor in helping that group succeed.

“We’re pretty young, but I’ve just known since the start of the year we just need to be in the film room.” Melton said. “Keeping up with who were playing that week what they look like and just keeping everyone level and encouraging them.”

The growth is evident in the numbers. Randall’s offense and rushing attack has only gotten more consistent as the weeks have gone along.

After a seven-point performance in week one, Randall has been averaging over 30 points per game since.

The offensive outburst has lent itself to the team’s overall success, which has brough Randall a share of the district title and into the regional semifinals.

Melton wants to make sure this team is remembered at Randall for a long time.

“We want to be one of the best teams at Randall.” Melton said. “We know what we need to do. Just take it week by week until we end.”

There’s a lot of reasons why the raiders have been so successful this season and having Melton in the middle is certainly among the most important.

KJ Doyle

KJ Doyle

KJ Doyle is the Sports Director at NewsChannel 10.